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2 Ways To Make Site Updates Lickety-Split

Open laptop on a wood table. Next to it is a pad and pen on the left and a cup of coffee on the right.

Keeping your website fresh can feel cumbersome, especially if you’re short on time and moo-la.

Fortunately, there are two options that can make the process of updating your site’s content a whole heck of a lot easier. ⬇️

⓵ Content Management System (CMS)

If you’ve worked with us on a website project, you probably figured out that we’re huge fans of CMS-based websites, and two of the most common CMSs out there are WordPress or Squarespace.

Updating a CMS-based website is almost as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Log in.
  2. Make your changes (and save them!).
  3. Log back out.

Done! Your website is updated — and nobody got hurt. 😁

⓶ #include files for non-CMS websites

If your site wasn’t built using a CMS (but instead with HTML/CSS), we can use #include files to make some global website updates.

What #include files can do:

#include files can be used to replace:

What makes #include files so awesome?

The bovine-sized benefit is that you’re able to make a change once and then see your change across the entire site.

Whoa. 🤯

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