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Jason Robie is the owner of Mad Cow Web, LLC, supporting clients with custom Website Design, Social Media Project Management, Search Engine Optimization and online Marketing

He experienced various industries while striving to become a well rounded professional. Jason started out in basic networking at Cabletron in Rochester, NH.  Shortly thereafter, he took a position with a cabling company providing Network Design and installation.  After working in web hosting and design with Rocket Science Internet Services and gaining valuable experience in customer service and the reseller industry, he made the move north to Lincoln, NH.

Once in Lincoln, Jason explored his non-technical side working in various positions including Ski Patrol, auto mechanic, irrigation, back country care-taker and Water Park manager.  It was then time to migrate back to the computer world.  He joined forces with the largest real estate company in Lincoln/Woodstock and managed the marketing, web design and customer service portions of that company.

Currently, Mad Cow Web supports clients from New Hampshire to Utah doing Custom WordPress Website Design and Development and Search Engine Optimization. He also provides technical support and training in various areas related to computers and WordPress development.


Custom Web Design, WordPress Customization, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Windows/Mac Applications, PC Maintenance, Databases, Networking, Auto Repair/Maintenance (domestic/foreign), back country first aid, Hiking/Camping, Outdoor safety/survival

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Elizabeth Dyer (Beth) is a “Jill of all Trades” who has a knack for technical layouts, responsive design and working with client ideas. Opposite of Jason, she started off denying her computer-based roots and headed off in the direction of Outdoor Recreation. She graduated from Plymouth State University with a Bachelor's degree with a focus on Business and Program Design. She thrives at being fast and efficient, as well as helping the client reach their full online potential. Her most recent endeavors have her working in Cybersecurity and Data compliance.

Beth enjoys client relationships and communication. She is driven to learn new technology and techniques and to provide a bridge between the technical computing world and the hands-on aspect of the clients. In her free time, she is an avid reader and enjoys exploring and traveling. At one time she was a tour guide and traveled all across America. She enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and spending time with her dogs Kramer and Penny.


Wendy Sullivan has 11 years of experience as a product manager/owner of a web product where she routinely ran her own projects. She balances out her professional life with her personal life, planning family trips, reading, wrangling kids, and trying to enjoy life.

In Wendy's free time, she enjoys pursuing creative hobbies such as cross-stitch, crochet, jewelry making. Her family will tell you that her Kindle is never far from reach, and she reads a little of this and a little of that but mostly books that allow her to escape for a bit. At home she is the head: Meal planner, Procurement specialist, Cruise Director, Head of Logistics, and Domestic Engineer. Wendy may be the head of those departments, but she has a fantastic team that she delegates to and they support her on a daily basis.


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