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It’s (Holiday) Go Time

Mad Cow's squeezable mascot Patty sits among a pile of wrapped Christmas presents

Planning to leverage the holidays to better your bottom line? Then now’s the time to make sure your e-commerce site is up to the challenge.

Keep Being Awesome 🙌

Rolling green hill against a blue, cloudy sky. in the forefront is a brown building that says: Cow Country

Imposter syndrome can set in so quickly. Here’s a 4-step process for kicking that imposter to the curb—and a reminder to keep being awesome.

Well, AI-n’t That Interesting?

An illustrated Highland cow sits at his computer looking at a monitor

Over here at Mad Cow, we’re keeping our peepers on AI news to see how web development in particular is helping to lead this emerging tech.

Mad Cow Customizer for WooCommerce

Mad Cow Customizer is a plugin that catalogs all the hooks in WooCommerce and offers a WYSIWYG so you can easily manage the content in your online store.

Domains, DNS, Hosting, Oh my!

This is in no way to be an exhaustive review of DNS, but more of a basic guideline for messing with your domain. In general, this is a scary place to mess around if you’re not super comfortable. My main piece of advice is to enlist the help of your local, friendly web-nerd and let […]

I ain’t scared…. much….

fort collins SEO

Alright. I had to make a video embed shortcode for a client and figured some folks may want to peek at it and maybe use it. Basically, this allows your clients to add videos into their pages, include some padding and float, yet maintain the beauty of responsive design. Currently only available for YouTube and […]