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fort collins web developmentWe all know Internet traffic numbers are important to our business (if we have an online presence!). Another key factor is what those visitors are doing once they get to your site. We always want to see our “bounce-rate” dropping. A “bounce” is a visitor landing on a page (typically the home page) and immediately leaving. Essentially it means they did not find what they were looking for (negative interpretation) or they got what they needed (positive spin) and moved on.

If they don’t bounce, they browse. Browsing is a good sign of the visitor finding what they wanted and enjoying the experience your site provides.  You can glean some important information from your analytics by looking at the time your visitors spend on the site as well as how many pages they visit.  There is even a “path” section that will tell you where they go from page to page.  This can be quite handy.

If you’d like to get a better idea of what is happening on your site, give us a ring today and we’ll set up a time.  I’d be happy to show you the power of having some analytics software on your site.  It can help direct your next project and the areas of focus you choose to highlight.