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fort collins SEOThis time of year many businesses are reviewing the past 12 months and looking ahead to the new year and new opportunities. Since it is no secret that Internet marketing is paramount to the success of most businesses today, knowing what your customers are searching for (and when!) is a critical piece of that puzzle. One of the more useful tools to use is a free resource called “Google Trends”. If you have not explored this yet, do a search for it and start doing some reading.

One of the more powerful pieces of information you can glean from this tool is, as the name states, the overall trends of any given search phrase. For example, if you were to type the phrase “snow plowing” into Google Trends, you would see that searches for that phrase spike during the winter and diminish to nearly nothing once the snow melts. While this is a very obvious example, you can use this tool to research phrases related to your business and the products/services you offer. You will no doubt see some interesting patterns and will then be able to more intelligently market your business.