HookyWoo Hooks Customizer



  • Use the image to find the location of the hook in which you would like to enter some text.
  • Enter your text in the text editor section
  • Save your changes.
  • Check your work on the public facing side of the site.

Stylesheet is included for the basic layout of the plugin. All hook divs have their own class so you can update the CSS however you need to.

Use your browser’s inspector to locate the classes for the specific div in which that hook is contained and add your own styling to the content. The “after cart” and “before product tabs” divs are both set to clear:all; for basic layout reasons. Those, and all others, can be over ridden in your own theme’s stylesheet.

Includes “Shop/Archive” , “Single Product”, “Cart” and “Checkout” Hooks.

You can check out the free version here.