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fort collins social mediaSure, Facebook is free. It is free to sign up. It is free to create a business/fan page. It is free to post updates about your business, images, videos, etc. It is free to build your very own “views” and add Youtube videos, contact options, and a bevy of other free apps and functions. But is it really free?

A good friend and colleague of mine incessantly reminds me that nothing is free. While Facebook does not cost anything for the functions listed above, it still costs you something equally precious: Your time. Do you work for free? Certainly not. So be sure to keep that in mind as you toil away into the wee hours of the morning creating that perfect post, getting the image just right or tweaking that “view” so it functions on the visitor’s laptop, desktop and mobile device appropriately. And the latest round of updates and new features (ads and promoted posts) to this “free” service, while rather effective, are clearly not free.

As you know, Facebook happily offers ads and promoted posts to help get your message across. These features are intended to give businesses a tool to cut through all the noise on their fans’ news feed and get their messages across. Turns out, it can work!  You can increase your fan base, increase your reach and increase your engagement.  I encourage you to explore the options available to you and your business ( and see what it can do for you.

There is a downside, in that Facebook will also “turn down” your reach as soon as you stop paying for your ad or boosted post.  This can be tolerable if you only use it for specific events at your business and target the timing and frequency.  Just know that there is never a substitute for well-written and interesting articles to attract, retain and engage your fans, customers and clients!