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Who's Searching What?

As I mentioned earlier, knowing what people are searching for, to find your website, is very important to your overall SEO and marketing strategy. I tend to look at this data in two different ways. On the one hand, the group of people that are already searching for phrases you

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Stuck On Statistics

Statistics is not just a hard word to say but also a challenging thing to wrap your brain around from a marketing perspective. You can learn a lot about your visitors and “potential” visitors by reviewing your website traffic, visitor behavior patterns, newsletter/social media posting data and even tracking the

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Constantly Consistent

Add a little consistency to your page. If you are stuck with an older, perhaps “outdated” website, the chore of updating it might be a little more than you want to tackle. As I keep praising the idea of “content is king”, you might be dreading the update process since

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Get The Word Out!

This week’s tip comes to us from the land of the Ginsu knives, the Magic Bullet, Tony Little’s Gazelle or even the Snuggie. The main thing these items have in common, besides making you blush when you admit you own one (or MORE than 1, in the case of the

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Riding the mobile wave

Is your website mobile-friendly? Is it “responsive”? (that’s the fancy term for “viewable on a mobile device.) We really don’t have a choice in today’s online marketplace. If your visitors are exploring companies like yours on their phones and tablets, you had better be making some adjustments to your site.

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What do you mean I have to PAY for Facebook?

Sure, Facebook is free. It is free to sign up. It is free to create a business/fan page. It is free to post updates about your business, images, videos, etc. It is free to build your very own “views” and add Youtube videos, contact options, and a bevy of other

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Coming In For A Landing

We have certainly covered “content” being the best thing for your website and one of the best strategies for SEO (search engine optimization), but what about creating a place for that content to live?  With my Fort Collins SEO business, I work with businesses every day to optimize their pages

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White Hat Keyword Usage

SEO is such a huge industry, companies make (or lose) thousands and thousands of dollars simply based on their position in search. I mention that just to highlight the fact that the algorithms used by Google, Bing and Yahoo! are extremely complex. (meaning, they are not going to be “duped”

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Keyword Research 101

The first step in any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign is to establish the most commercially valuable keyword phrases to target. By using Google’s (free) Keyword Planner Tool  you are able to enter as many phrases into the application as desired. The tool will then evaluate, not only the phrases that

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Know Your Audience

We get asked, quite often, which is the best platform (media outlet) in which to market my business. There is no question Ridgeview Technology provides a wide array of marketing resources with Facebook, Twitter and Blogging services along with a whole host of other marketing programs, including search engine optimization

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Consistently Creating Compelling Content

So often we see a business dive, head-first, into an online marketing venture without fully planning some sort of strategy. Most recently the social media boom has business owners scrambling to get in on the fun. While we are huge proponents of getting your business involved with social media, a

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ROI Recall

ROI is such a loaded term in the social media world. You have to be able to somehow quantify the value of “soft-cost” items. What is the value of your stationary to your business? How about the receptionist? the cleaning company? These are all critical pieces of the pie that

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Follow The Bouncing Bounce-Rate

We all know Internet traffic numbers are important to our business (if we have an online presence!). Another key factor is what those visitors are doing once they get to your site. We always want to see our “bounce-rate” dropping. A “bounce” is a visitor landing on a page (typically

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Get Your Business Found on Facebook

Facebook is constantly changing the way we (as a consumer) interact with their website. Our friends start showing up less and less if we do not interact with them. The companies that we don’t comment on or share their posts, start to show up less on our news feed. Basically,

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