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Spotted On The Web: Christensen Ranch

Homepage header image for Christensen Ranch, featuring their team in Hawaiian cow shirts. Text reads: Pasture raised, corn finished.

About Christensen Ranch

Christensen Ranch is a fourth-generation Colorado ranch that prides itself on raising Red Angus cattle naturally and humanely.

The project deets

✅ Website redesign

✅ E-commerce

✅ Partnership with InkRiot Marketing

Christensen Ranch product page featuring Beef Boxes

Why we love this site so dang much!

It’s gorgeous! From the cow-themed aloha shirts to the slick e-commerce functionality, working on this site made us happier than a cow playing fetch with her human mama.

Also, we’re pretty proud that the new e-commerce functionality allowed their web sales to be a success straight out of the barn!

(Even though working on this site is always a blast, I still cover Patty’s eyes and tell her to go play in the hay.) 🐮

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