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fort collins social marketingThis week’s tip comes to us from the land of the Ginsu knives, the Magic Bullet, Tony Little’s Gazelle or even the Snuggie. The main thing these items have in common, besides making you blush when you admit you own one (or MORE than 1, in the case of the Snuggie), is that they were marketed very effectively.

Granted, it could be argued they were “marketed” a little TOO effectively, but the lesson is the same. In order to get your (business, product, service, restaurant, hotel, attraction, etc.) in front of the customers most interested in patronizing your company, they need to know you exist. Sounds simple, right?

One of the main conversations I have with clients is about exposure. Having a website, we all can agree, is an absolute necessity. Optimizing that site (SEO) and creating pages for the chosen targeted keywords is also a “must-do”. But where people most often trip up is with content and broadcasting. You’ve certainly heard us talk about “content is king” and the importance of having good quality, fresh, original, on-topic materials added to your site. But you need to get those “morsels” out to the masses.

Don’t stop at just writing a brilliant blog article or press release, be sure to share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Many of you already send us your materials, but if you are not currently doing so, you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.