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Social Media Fort CollinsFacebook is constantly changing the way we (as a consumer) interact with their website. Our friends start showing up less and less if we do not interact with them. The companies that we don’t comment on or share their posts, start to show up less on our news feed. Basically, Facebook is trying to filter out much of the noise and only show us those things that are important to us (or, let’s be honest, the things that THEY deem important!). The issue with this is (as a business) you will need to work harder to ensure that your content is seen by your fans. Especially those that don’t interact with you very often.

Your two options are to start producing content that will entice engagement from your fans, or start buying ads. While organically encouraging engagement is by far the more “pure” form of this, building your pile of fans and forcing engagement through ads will serve a dual purpose. Not only will it reach folks that are not currently a fan of your page, but it will get your existing fans to engage with your page and thereby getting more of your “non-ad related” content to show up on their news feed. Facebook is free to use, but if you want to increase your overall effectiveness and reach, you really need to treat it like a valuable marketing arm of your organization. You need to spend time or money to effectively reach your fans.

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