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Keep Being Awesome 🙌

Photo credit: Rebecca Gilmore (Rapid City, SD)

As a developer, it can feel like every day involves a bit of catch-up just to stay on top of all the new tech developments.

And as someone who isn’t classically trained in the dev arts, all this catch-up can be a little rough on one’s ego.

I love developing awesome things for the web, so when I get stuck on a problem, I can be pretty hard on myself—and imposter syndrome can set in.

What I’ve learned is that this accomplishes absolutely nothing. 🙄

Instead, when I feel my inner imposter rearing his ugly head, I try to remind myself of one simple truth: I’m not supposed to friggin’ know this!

It’s impossible to know right off the bat how to write code (or do anything really) for something I’ve never done before.

So, when that ol’ imposter decides to pay you or me a visit, let’s:

  1. Step outside (or gaze at the green hills in the pic above).
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Remember to give ourselves a break.
  4. Keep being awesome! 💚

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