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fort collins online marketingWe get asked, quite often, which is the best platform (media outlet) in which to market my business. There is no question Ridgeview Technology provides a wide array of marketing resources with Facebook, Twitter and Blogging services along with a whole host of other marketing programs, including search engine optimization and website development.  All of these can help you out, but at the end of the day, it comes down to knowing your audience and knowing (or learning) what works.

One of the most effective, yet under-utilized, techniques for pin-pointing your customer’s “path” to your front door, is asking them. I know, it seems rather simple and obvious, but you would be amazed at how few people use this simple, FREE tool. I encourage businesses to get out there and try everything (within reason). Try Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace, Newspaper ads, Radio, TV, Sky Writing. Well OK, maybe not skywriting, but you get the point. Many of those social media sites are free and you are crazy to not at least try them out. Just don’t forget to start asking your clients why/how they found you. Then you can trim off the ones that aren’t working and focus on the ones that are.