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Slow Down, You Mooove Too Fast. 🎵

Patty looking out over Centennial Peak
Patty atop Centennial Peak at 13,062 feet.

When I was writing this post, we were already four days into fall.


Don’t get me wrong: I love fall. I also love snow. So getting closer to that lovely white powder isn’t what I’m having a cow about.

What gets my goat is how fast the year has flown by. 😮

The mountains help slow me down.

And that’s why I decided to head up to the mountains recently to slow things down and reflect on life for a while.

(Of course, I brought Patty along because I appreciate her perspective on things — plus she got to visit with some of her cousins along the trail.) 🐮

So I can enjoy the present moment.

When I stop rushing from one thing to another, I’m able to enjoy the present moment and see what opportunities have surfaced that I was too busy to notice before.

And dream about the future.

If you’re able, take a moment with me to enjoy the present and think about what may lie ahead.

(Breathe in, breathe out.)

And if you happen to see new opportunities we at Mad Cow can help you with, give our cowbell a jingle.

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