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Starting the Year Off With A Bang Trim

Cute brown cow getting a blow dry and a curl

It’s that time of year when everywhere you look on the web, there’s a new article about “New Year, New You.” Well, we’re pretty dern happy about the state of Mad Cow these days (if Patty does say so herself).

But as we flipped our calendars to a New Year, we did feel the need to trim things up a bit.

Is our name a wee shorter? Why yes, it is!

That’s because we dropped the “Design” from our name, becoming: Mad Cow Web.

Mad Cow Web logo

Why did we remove “design” from our name?

Because our sweet spot as a company is to partner with awesome designers to build robust websites.

🎨 Our design partners can focus on the design.
🛠 We stay focused on the build.
🐮 And the finished website is something we can all have a cow about (the good kind).

What does that mean for our clients?

Essentially, that means that Mad Cow had adopted the mantra of “more web, less design.” This means we’re working solely with designers who specialize in design for the web, and then we implement that design with our development know-how.

And that’s a total win-win for everyone. 🙌

Image credit: Royal Highland Show cattle get cut and blow dry by The Scotsman

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