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Adding Custom Fields

Attaching our CPTs to our Custom Post Type In this video we cover using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and adding those fields to our Custom Post Type  

Exploring the Custom Post Type UI Plugin

Creating our first CPT and Custom Taxonomy! In this video we get into the nitty-gritty of creating a custom post type and a custom taxonomy using the Custom Post Types UI Plugin. Next time, we’re going to look at the front-facing side of our sites and then move on over to Advanced Custom Fields  

Posts and Post Types

Intro Video This is a quick overview of the following: What are the basic components of a WordPress site? What is a “post”? What is a “custom post type”? What is the purpose of CPTs and why do I care? Quick overview of the CPT UI plugin and how to evaluate an unknown plugin.

Learn the code, you will

boulder web design wordpress beginners

Another one of the sage lessons Sean taught me was once you start digging into the code, specifically he was talking about HTML, you will start to see patterns.  It doesn’t take an HTML expert to recognize these patterns and be able to start to make some edits.  Before we go any further, a disclaimer: […]