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fort collins keyword researchIf you have headed down the road of Search Engine Optimization, you are familiar with the importance of “keyword phrases”. These are the bread and butter of any organization’s SEO strategy and are the “meat” in the Internet marketing sandwich. (or soy burger if you prefer!) Using the data from your google analytics account, we can easily see which phrases your visitors are currently inputting into the search engines in order to find you. With a quick bit of research on our own, we can confirm our position for those phrases and adjust our site’s content and pages accordingly. But what about the phrases that don’t show up on this list? What about the phrases that you are NOT being found for?

This is where the real work begins. There are many tools available to research “commercially valuable” keyword phrases. Those phrases that have the highest search volume, but relatively low competition. The phrase “Fort Collins dining” will be less commercially valuable than “Fort Collins CO microbrewery dining”. The more specific you can get, without choosing phrases with little or no volume, the more pleased your web visitor will be when they find your site and (ideally) purchase your “product”. By targeting specific phrases based on your business and geographic location, you are more likely to attract those potential customers that you really want.