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fort collins SEOWe have certainly covered “content” being the best thing for your website and one of the best strategies for SEO (search engine optimization), but what about creating a place for that content to live?  With my Fort Collins SEO business, I work with businesses every day to optimize their pages and create custom pages with the targeted phrases in mind.

Once you have done the research to determine which are the most commercially valuable keywords and keyword phrases for your business (you HAVE done the research, right?!), the next step is to create a “Landing Page” full of content for the associated phrase. For example, if your research tells you that “blue widgets” is the most commercially valuable phrase for you to optimize on your site, now is the time to build a page about blue widgets.

The URL can be “”. The heading of the page can be “Blue Widgets 101”. And the content, images, videos, etc. will all be about blue widgets. In theory, anybody out there on the Internet, if searching for “blue widgets” will not only find your website, they will find that specific page you have just built.

It is no longer enough to simply throw in some meta-tags and a few keyword phrases and cross your fingers that you come up higher in the search engines. Google, Bing and Yahoo are all looking for the “authoritative resource” for whatever keyword phrase is being searched. Imagine how happy they will be to find your fully optimized landing page with everything anyone ever wanted to know about blue widgets. As well as, of course, a method of buying said blue widgets directly from you!