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Fort Collins websiteWhile I would agree that adding “title” and “alt” tags on your images is of lesser importance to your overall SEO strategy than the “title meta-tag” or certainly, good content. They are still worth considering as part of the big picture. When adding an image (or even a link) to your website, always include the title tag and an “alt” tag. These two pieces of information can help you keep focused on the strategic keywords you have chosen for your site (you did research those, right?!) as well as provide assistance to humans and web-bots alike.

These tags are what show up on an image when the visitor “mouses-over” it. If it is an image of a fluffy bunny, the alt tag should say “fluffy bunny”. More importantly, if you are working to optimize your website for “Fort Collins websites“, than that alt/title tag should read “Fort Collins websites”, even for a fluffy bunny”. While the human may find the text a little silly, the web-bot (scanning your site for keyword phrases and content) will happily find the text of that tag matches the rest of the content on your site and “reward” you for those efforts.

Yes, it may seem a little odd and almost “over-doing” it. But, at the end of the day you will see that a site fully optimized for their chosen keywords, even if they are hidden in image tags, will begin to perform better in search than those who opt not to take the time to make those changes.