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fort collins co web developmentAs I mentioned earlier, knowing what people are searching for, to find your website, is very important to your overall SEO and marketing strategy. I tend to look at this data in two different ways. On the one hand, the group of people that are already searching for phrases you are optimizing for are already finding what you are putting out there for them. They are already finding your site so there is no reason to pursue that any further. It makes more sense to scroll down the list a little bit and start to work on those phrases that are not getting as much attention.

I agree with this strategy since it always makes sense, especially with online marketing, to cast a wider net and capture as many searching eyes as you can. You are also, theoretically, doing a good enough job to capture those folks who are targeting your most popular phrases. Let your eyes wander down the list a little ways and start to focus on those phrases that aren’t garnering as much attention as the top performers. You will capture more (different) visitors and improve your site’s performance overall.

But, on the other hand, please don’t get lazy and ignore the top performers. The reality is, your bread and butter (the majority of visitors to your site) are using your top performing keyword phrases to find your site and buy your “product”. Don’t take them for granted. You have likely worked long and hard to optimize for those phrases and the results are starting to show. The best advice at this point is to keep doing what you are doing. The advantage of knowing what the lesser performing phrases are, is you are able to ADD these to your strategy and ideally see them start to climb up the list and join your top phrases.