Domains, DNS, Hosting, Oh my!

This is in no way to be an exhaustive review of DNS, but more of a basic guideline for messing with your domain. In general, this is a scary place to mess around if you’re not super comfortable. My main piece of advice is to enlist the help of your local, friendly web-nerd and let…

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Posts and Post Types

Intro Video This is a quick overview of the following: What are the basic components of a WordPress site? What is a “post”? What is a “custom post type”? What is the purpose of CPTs and why do I care? Quick overview of the CPT UI plugin and how to evaluate an unknown plugin.

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Hooky Woo WooCommerce Hooks Customizer

woocommerce hookywoo hooks

Well, I finally did it. 🙂 I released my first plugin on the WordPress repo (or is it called the “directory” now?). Lots of folks don’t really encourage this type of behavior. There are plenty who believe the hassle of the support requests outweighs the joy of sharing something cool with the world. For me,…

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I ain’t scared…. much….

fort collins SEO

Alright. I had to make a video embed shortcode for a client and figured some folks may want to peek at it and maybe use it. Basically, this allows your clients to add videos into their pages, include some padding and float, yet maintain the beauty of responsive design. Currently only available for YouTube and…

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Advancing Advanced Custom Fields

boulder wordpress websites

I recently had the privilege of speaking at a local Meetup Group here in Boulder.  The Boulder WordPress Meetup is comprised of a fairly wide ranging array of skill sets when it comes to WordPress Development.  A handful of the folks that attend these meetings are casual fans of WordPress and simply want to further…

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Learn the code, you will

boulder web design wordpress beginners

Another one of the sage lessons Sean taught me was once you start digging into the code, specifically he was talking about HTML, you will start to see patterns.  It doesn’t take an HTML expert to recognize these patterns and be able to start to make some edits.  Before we go any further, a disclaimer:…

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