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Starting The Year Off With A Trim

Cute brown cow getting a blow dry and a curl

Mad Cow Web Design is now “Mad Cow Web”! Read about why we removed “Design” from our name and what that means for our awesome clients.

Ridgeview Technology is now Mad Cow Web Design

Why “Mad Cow”? Where did the name come from? The name “Mad Cow” is a combination of a couple of things. Mostly, I just love cows. Going to college in West Virginia introduced me to a more rural lifestyle. My friend Jim and I spent countless hours “up on the farm” where his family rented […]

Hooky Woo WooCommerce Hooks Customizer

woocommerce hookywoo hooks

Well, I finally did it. 🙂 I released my first plugin on the WordPress repo (or is it called the “directory” now?). Lots of folks don’t really encourage this type of behavior. There are plenty who believe the hassle of the support requests outweighs the joy of sharing something cool with the world. For me, […]

We Aim to Try

boulder co web design

Franzy!  One of the more mellow WARPs on the Loon Mountain Ski Patrol and a good friend.  That was one of his sayings and it sort of stuck.  There’s a handful of amusing stories floating around the patrol alum.  Stories of heroism, tom-foolery, bravery, stupidity and yes, drunken exploits typically involving a hot tub, a […]


boulder co web design

No, but really… It has truly been a bit of a whirlwind for the last few weeks.  We migrated south to Boulder from Fort Collins.  That alone is a bit of a time-suck.  And my work with Codegeek has really picked up lately.  I currently have a site “fix” at the top of my list, […]

Phew, that was a gap and a half

fort collins web development

OK, so I just realized I’ve become the plumber with the leaky faucet and the cobbler with no shoes.  I tend to preach (nicely) to my clients about content being king.  Then I go and ignore my website and blog for a few months. Not cool.  I’m here to remedy that.  No promises about anything […]

Riding the mobile wave

fort collins co web design

Is your website mobile-friendly? Is it “responsive”? (that’s the fancy term for “viewable on a mobile device.) We really don’t have a choice in today’s online marketplace. If your visitors are exploring companies like yours on their phones and tablets, you had better be making some adjustments to your site. You have a couple of […]