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How to Move Content on a WooCommerce Single Product Page

Text reads: How to move content on a WooCommerce product page

We often get requests to modify the WooCommerce Single Product Page.

In the past, we used to simply copy the template we wanted to adjust. (In this case, it’s the content-single-product.php file in the templates folder).

Mad Cow Customizer for WooCommerce

Mad Cow Customizer is a plugin that catalogs all the hooks in WooCommerce and offers a WYSIWYG so you can easily manage the content in your online store.

Domains, DNS, Hosting, Oh my!

This is in no way to be an exhaustive review of DNS, but more of a basic guideline for messing with your domain. In general, this is a scary place to mess around if you’re not super comfortable. My main piece of advice is to enlist the help of your local, friendly web-nerd and let […]

MAMP 101 Adding A WordPress Site

In this video, we’re just adding an actual WordPress site/install to our MAMP application so we can start building a site locally.