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Get The Word Out!

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This week’s tip comes to us from the land of the Ginsu knives, the Magic Bullet, Tony Little’s Gazelle or even the Snuggie. The main thing these items have in common, besides making you blush when you admit you own one (or MORE than 1, in the case of the Snuggie), is that they were […]

What do you mean I have to PAY for Facebook?

fort collins social media

Sure, Facebook is free. It is free to sign up. It is free to create a business/fan page. It is free to post updates about your business, images, videos, etc. It is free to build your very own “views” and add Youtube videos, contact options, and a bevy of other free apps and functions. But […]

Know Your Audience

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We get asked, quite often, which is the best platform (media outlet) in which to market my business. There is no question Ridgeview Technology provides a wide array of marketing resources with Facebook, Twitter and Blogging services along with a whole host of other marketing programs, including search engine optimization and website development.  All of […]

Consistently Creating Compelling Content

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So often we see a business dive, head-first, into an online marketing venture without fully planning some sort of strategy. Most recently the social media boom has business owners scrambling to get in on the fun. While we are huge proponents of getting your business involved with social media, a word of caution is to […]

ROI Recall

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ROI is such a loaded term in the social media world. You have to be able to somehow quantify the value of “soft-cost” items. What is the value of your stationary to your business? How about the receptionist? the cleaning company? These are all critical pieces of the pie that create your company and your […]

Get Your Business Found on Facebook

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Facebook is constantly changing the way we (as a consumer) interact with their website. Our friends start showing up less and less if we do not interact with them. The companies that we don’t comment on or share their posts, start to show up less on our news feed. Basically, Facebook is trying to filter […]